Glass Care

Stained Glass Care and Information
These instructions are for maintaining the beauty and shine of your stained glass items. You may apply this to stained glass jewelry as well.
*This product contains lead. Per the CDC's guidelines, lead is of minimal risk when handled, as opposed to fumes or dust inhaled. However we will always note when a glass piece (like jewelry) is meant to sit on or near the skin. If you are concerned about this, please wash your hands after handling. We always clean our pieces extremely well and apply a protective coating of polish to ensure the lead and glass look its best. This coating also provides an added safeguard between you and your leaded glass piece.*
Another reason we wax our pieces is to avoid corrosion of the solder lines. Our pieces are waxed and buffed to a high shine and provides a protective coating to the glass and metals used.
If you'd like to clean, dust and restore the high shine of your glass piece, you will want to use furniture polish, namely Pledge or Endust, in the aerosol can. Alternatively, you may use a car wax containing caranuba wax as one of the ingredients. We use special wax for our glass pieces but we recommend Pledge or the like for its ease of use.
  • Use a clean, dry rag or a rag you ONLY use for furniture polish.
  • Spray polish onto RAG ONLY, not directly on glass piece.
  • Being mindful of the pressure applied, buff the whole piece, back front and edges of lead or solder, playing special attention to the solder lines.
  • You may want to use an addition rag after initial application if there was too much polish applied the first time to buff in the excess.
  • This will make your solder lines shiny, remove fingerprints, residue and dust on the glass surface and will upkeep the protective coating that protects against the solder lines oxidizing.
  • A good rule of thumb is to do this process every 3 to 6 months.
We DO NOT recommend using suction cups, as these can degrade over a short or long period of time, depending on the quality and become unreliable, causing your glass piece to fall and break!
For smaller suncatchers and charms, a 3M command hook may be used when securely mounted. Please check the hook every 3 to 6 months. The most secure and worry-free way to hang your glass will be from a nail (preferably one with a picture hook) or screw (please use a wall anchor if no stud is available) inserted into the wall above a window or directly into the moulding or wooden frame of a window. We do not recommend doing this will vinyl or PVC windows, as there is no way to patch the hole after removal. For lager pieces, there may be two hangers, one on each end. We use jack chain for this and it can be purchased in almost any hardware store, relatively cheap. For suncatchers, you may use fishing line if securely knotted a few times. Test the strength of your knots before hanging.
If you have any questions about the cleaning or hanging of your glass piece, or any other questions or concerns, please email us at
Thank you!