*NEW* Classes

I offer weekly classes on site for ANY skill level. Are you completely new to stained glass? Sign up for the 6 week intro course. Are you a pro and know what you're doing but just need the use of a glass grinder or a place to work? Sign up for a weekly spot!

Not sure what stained glass is all about? Beginner classes run once a week for 6 weeks and you learn the basics of the Tiffany method (copper foil) and lead. Glass is not included and the student may purchase this in the first class on site.

You will learn new techniques, intricate tips and tricks as well as tool reviews to make you more confident about attempting any kind of project. Have an idea for a design but have no idea if it would work in glass? Sign up for a spot in my classes. I want to inspire glass artists to attempt any kind of project, 2D or 3D that they're thinking about and most importantly, experiment and think outside the box! If you're unsure of your abilities. I want you to feel confident to dream and attempt anything that's on your mind and not to worry about the details because I'll be here to walk you through it!

Here is an example of more intricate skills I teach once you complete the 6 week beginner course or have experience.


Everything you ever wanted to know about how to make a leaded, stained glass panel.


Soldering II

If you have the basics down, take this class to learn about building up non-framed edges with solder, when its appropriate to do so, and tinning filigrees or vase caps, or other brass embellishments as well as some simple decorative soldering.


Adding Embellishments

I will teach you how you can incorporate agate slices, beads, sea glass, tinned brass filigrees, , and just about anything else you can think of to your glass work.


Drilling Holes in Glass

You will learn hole placement in glass to ensure structural stability and what tools are available for this, and how to drill them.


Glass Repair – Copper Foil

This class focuses on removing a broken piece of glass from a copper foil panel or lamp, and how to replace it.


Make a Box!

This class teaches the fundamentals of making a jewelry box and what you can add for embellishments including box feet.


Lamp-making (Non-Tiffany)

This class focuses on how to build a panel lamp, a 3-sided lamp, a 4-sided lamp, and the do's and don't s of constructing them.


Loaded Questions

Choose this class if you are stuck on a specific problem you are having trouble with, or if you need a more detailed explanation of a process.


Copper Foil Overlay

This in-depth class gives you all the knowledge you need to start making your own copper foil overlay pieces. From tools, to where to get them, techniques, tips and tricks to make your overlay a more enjoyable and less stressful experience. You will be shown techniques for applying and burnishing a copper foil sheet to glass, how to cut, reinforce and solder your foil when it is laying on the surface of the glass.


Suncatcher Edging

This class will teach you how to make your suncatchers last a lifetime. You'll learn how to build up edges with solder when appropriate, how to apply copper tinned wire or ball chain to add to the structural integrity of a piece and where to place your hangers and what type to use.


Please contact me through Instagram DM @fulcrumstainedglass or email info@fulcrumstainedglass.com or call or text (401)889-3760 for any questions or concerns!

Please sign up for my classes in my new Warwick, RI location below! 2699 Post Road

Spots are limited for the time being so don't hesitate


Thank you for your interest in classes with Renee from Fulcrum Stained Glass! I can't wait to teach you!