*NEW* Classes

If you are a stained glass artist and want to hone your skills even further and learn new tips and tricks for certain applications, please join me for an online class!

You will learn new techniques, intricate tips and tricks as well as tool reviews to make you more confident about attempting any kind of project. Have an idea for a design but have no idea if it would work in glass? Take a private class and we can work through it together. I want to inspire glass artists to attempt any kind of project, 2D or 3D, they're thinking about and most importantly, experiment and think outside the box! If you're unsure of your abilities, I want you to feel confident to dream and attempt anything that's on your mind and not to worry about the details because I'll be here to walk you through it!

Private classes are run live through Zoom and come in hour or two hour blocks. After purchasing, I will contact you via email to set a date, time and focus of the class.

Group classes are run live on Youtube and are pre-set to a certain focus, date and time such as copper foil overlay, reinforcement, box-making, leaded windows, glass plating, etc. After taking the class, you will have access to that video for life. Prepare for a class length between 1 and 2 hours. These classes will have a set date and time. After purchasing, a link to the live video stream will be emailed to you.

Thank you for your interest in classes with Renee from Fulcrum Stained Glass! I can't wait to teach you!

Please click the link for all available classes.

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