Rainbow Vortex

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This beautiful rainbow vortex was made as a self portrait. It is a culmination of everything I had been through and how I healed and became a new person, through what I've learned in life. It is comprised of glass from all over the world, including the finest hand-blown glass from Germany. It has a hexagonal shaped clear glass bevel in the center. I spent over a year on this project. I had made a pattern, but all the colors were chosen as I went along, making sure they all fit the gradient I had envisioned. I was blown away by the outcome and I deem this my best and most loved piece of all time.

It measures approximately 20x18".

***If you are interested in owning this piece, please message me from Shopify or email fulcrumstainedglass@gmail.com to help me figure out shipping prices BEFORE purchasing.***